VIP Offer

PRIVATE EXCURSION – ( if you want a private excursion alone with your family, friends, relatives, company or on your own, you can enjoy a trip with the programme that is made up especially for you)

WEDDINGS – ( We offer the transport of the guests to the ceremony at the desired destination or, if you wish you wedding to be special, private that will remain in your memory and the memory of your guests for a long time, you can do the very vows and the wedding ceremony on board. There is a possibility of decoration and catering).

BACHELOR & BACHELORETTE PARTIES – ( organisation of bachelor and bachelorette parties with ornaments and decoration for the occasion)

BOAT RENTAL – ( you can rent our boat for various events or just transport to a destination)

TEAM BUILDING – ( Treat yourself and your employees to an excursion and get in an adventure and fun that you will always cherish. Let your team be even stronger and more united.

All the excursions in the VIP offer can be organized according to your wishes, as well as the time of departure and return, in order to adapt to your schedule during your vacation. If you have some special suggestions or wishes, feel free to contacts us and ask for an offer.

We are at your service.

IMPORTANT! Security comes first! In case of bad weather or bad sea conditions, we preserve the right to change the route or to cancel the excursion for the benefit of all passengers. This decision is made only by the captain


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