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Discover and experience Medulin

One of the best ways to get to know and experience Medulin and its archipelago is our half-day excursion by boat. As a welcome to our boat excursion the guests will be offered a refreshing beverage, a juice, water, an aperitif.


Medulin is one of the main representatives of the Istrian tourism which boasts a richly indented coastline with an archipelago consisting of as many as 11 isles (Trumbija, Ceja, Bodulaš, Šekovac, Finera, Fenoliga, Levan..). The town is famous for its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches and the rich nature that abounds in greenery full of vegetation and healing Mediterranean herbs. This former small fishing village is a modern and attractive tourist centre today that attracts numerous tourists, enjoying the many amenities tailored to each population. While staying in Medulin, do not miss to try the many delicacies like the well-known Istrian prosciutto, the black risotto and specialities with famous Istrian truffles and Istrian olive oil. To make your stay in Medulin complete, do not miss our half-day excursion Fish Picnic by boat (m/b Zlatni Rat Excursion ) through the Medulin archipelago and discover the charms of numerous islets, hidden bays, sandy beaches, the Cape Kamenjak Nature Park, the secluded Golumera cave, the Porer lighthouse, the sandy isle of Levan.. these are all places you can visit during our excursion tailored just for you. Find out more about our other offers and services on this site and treat yourself to an unforgettable day with your family, relatives, friends… We are here to satisfy all your wishes. Enjoy your holiday in Medulin with boatexcursions-medulin. ( m/b Zlatni Rat Excursion )

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For a better idea of our excursion, see our video. Feel free to ask for a non-binding offer or simply contact us. We are at your service.

What can you see? ​

The Cape Kamenjak Nature Park ​

Kamenjak is located in the very south of Istria, as a part of Premantura, a village situated 10 km away from Pula. You can come from Premantura to Kamenjak by car, bike or boat.

The Porer lighthouse

After the short break at the Cape Kamenjak, we sail towards the famous Porer lighthouse, built back in 1846 during the Austro-Hungarian period.

The isles of Bodulaš, Ceja, Finera and Levan​

By sailing slowly and sightseeing the other isles of Bodulaš, Ceja, Finera) and hidden coves, accompanied by a strayed dolphin, we head towards the northernmost and the only sandy island Levan, to be able to undisturbedly enjoy the crystal clear sea, the sand and sunbath.


A welcome drink, lunch (you can choose your menu meat/ fish/ vegetarian), A guide and an animator on board.


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